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Construction Law – Cheyenne, Wyoming Lawyer

Lighthouse Law Firm, LLC is a Family Law Lawyer based in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Construction law attorney Bryan Rogers brings years of job site experience to his legal representation. Having worked on single-unit and multi-unit projects, both residential and commercial, Bryan brings a breadth of construction experience to his legal knowledge which helps him formulate strategies, minimize risks, provide sound counsel and see the long-range future when it comes to the construction-related issues of his clients. Bryan has dealt with four inch spec books, site plans and architectural renderings. You won't have to explain the weather delays of this part of the country or what it means when sub-contractors can't perform. Contact The Lighthouse Law Firm, LLC(307) 314-4529.

The Lighthouse Law Firm, LLC serves the following types of construction clients in the Cheyenne, Wyoming area:

  • General Contractors in Residential and Commercial Construction
  • Construction Subcontractors
  • Homeowners
  • Owners of Commercial Properties
  • Real Estate Brokers and Investors

We can help in the following construction law areas:

  • Drafting Construction Contracts and Construction Contract Review
  • Breach of Construction Contract Disputes
  • Construction Defects Litigation
  • Contractor Liens
  • Mechanic Liens
  • Obtaining Payment
  • Advisement on Environmental Risks

The Lighthouse Law Firm, LLC works hard and creatively to help you prevent and resolve construction issues -- from misunderstandings to major issues. In addition, we are available to businesses to help you develop a plan of action.

When construction or contractor lawsuits do arise, we help our clients identify areas of critical importance and devise a strategic plan of action that will bring efficient and cost-effective results for resolution. These strategies can range from negotiation to mediation all the way up to trial representation and litigation.

However serious the construction law or contractor law situation may be, we stand ready to aggressively protect our client's interests. Whether you need property interests protected or help to get the compensation you deserve from a construction project, The Lighthouse Law Firm, LLC brings reliable and knowledgeable representation.

Contact The Lighthouse Law Firm, LLC(307) 314-4529.